How to Establish a Daily Routine to Help in Managing Bipolar Disorder

By Adam Cook

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by extreme mood swings. Extremely high and low periods may last hours, days, weeks, or months. More than five million people in the United States live with a form of bipolar disorder. Typically, symptoms of the disorder appear in the late teens or early adult years, but children can experience them too. Women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. There are varying opinions on Continue Reading →


Happy World Gratitude Day

It’s World Gratitude Day!

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There are many people, experiences and things for which I am grateful.  One that boldly comes to mind ...
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Affected by someone else’s addiction or mental illness?

Have you been affected by someone else’s addiction or mental illness?  Often these Maniadis-eases are accompanied by behaviors that make other people angry. You may want to strike back, punish, or shame your loved one into behaving “appropriately”. But it doesn’t work.

Here is what does…

Take some time to learn the facts about the disease. Encourage and understand your ...

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It’s Finals Time

I remember the dread I felt at finals time.  As the exams approached I would be distracted by the summer weather and outdoor opportunities.  Anything to avert my mind from the critical voices telling me I wasn’t smart enough, not studying well enough, or doomed to fail.  The test anxiety I felt would disrupt my ability to remember and recall the subject at hand.

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Happy 2016!

New Year’s Eve can be such a charged day, with all of it expectations of ringing in the new year with party, pizzazz and ultimately a kiss! Often times, expectations are premeditated disappointments.

My husband and I created a new tradition back when we were dating, and continue to share it with our lovely daughter today. We spend the evening creating vision boards.

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Spread the Love

My heart is weeping.  Like many of you, I have been deeply saddened by the increase of violence and hatred in the world. From Beirut to Paris to the rise of school shootings… and everything in-between, violence is happening all too frequently these days.

Dr. King_Love

So how do we feel our grief without feeding the hatred, without adding to ...

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Back on Track

I was feeling a bit ‘off’ after returning from two weeks back east—completely unplugged from business. Re-entry can sometimes feel a bit bumpy.

My private practice is soaring, for which I am grateful! I so enjoy the personal connection. I flourish in that environment. It’s easy, safe and natural for my heart to open when I am one-on-one with another soul.


Unfortunately my confidence in ...

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Mother’s Day: History and Hijack

Did you know that before Mother’s Day was hijacked by Hallmark and the retail industry, it had a different meaning; a purpose of peace and a sentiment of gratitude?

Julia Ward Howe, an activist, writer and poet (“Battle Hymm of the Republic”) first suggested the idea of an official mother’s day celebration dedicated to peace.  She wrote a passionate appeal to women urging them to rise against war in 1870.

Mother’s Day Proclamation
Arise, then, women of this ...

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Love: Balancing Lioness and Letting Go

There was a moment last year while picking my daughter up from kindergarten when I witnessed her teacher squat down in front of her, grab her by both shoulders and speak directly into her face. Claire’s head fell in what appeared to be shame, and she walked slumped and withered to her backpack, where she stood still for a moment.

Another mother saw it too. We looked at each other with question.

“I wonder what that’s about?” I said.

I walked over to ...

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