5 Success Strategies for your New Year’s Resolution

1. Write it down—When it comes to goal setting, your mindset determines your success. Explore the personal benefits of your resolution, and write it down. Pen to paper creates a deeper commitment. Once you are clear on your goal, break it down into actionable steps.

2. Make your resolution realisticSetting unrealistic expectations for yourself sets you up to feel overwhelmed and falling short. Smaller steps allows for achievement and feelings of success. For example, if your goal is to become healthier in the New Year, choose just one way to make that happen. Perhaps it’s exercise? Then set a starting goal of two times a week for 20 minutes. The more successful you feel, the more energy you have to be consistent.

3. Share your goal with othersShare your resolutions with friends and family who have your back. This sets up support and accountability for follow through.

4. Be gentle with yourselfAcknowledge your efforts daily. Focus on progress, not perfection. You are bound to make some mistakes, so be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Use any potential mistakes or hiccups as a way to learn more about your feelings, fears, and what motivates you.

5. Reward achievementEach action moves you closer to your goal, no matter how small. Recognition of good work assists you in perceiving yourself as valuable and supports you in evolving into the best version of yourself.