A Note From Rebekka

When I began my healing journey about 18 years ago, I remember being genuinely afraid that the therapeutic self-examination would confirm my greatest fear:  I was afraid I would discover that in fact I was worthless.  Sad, right?  But it was the truth.  I was afraid I would invest in my self-growth and there would be no return on my investment.  Yet, I went ahead.  Fear has the potential to paralyze, but only for so long.  Something in me continually strives for betterment.  I am grateful for that spark; it has served me well.

powerless_quoteAs the child of an alcoholic family system and youngest in a family of six, there was a trickle down effect of anger and frustration. Sure, I could blame this hardship for my smoking, anger, lack of confidence, and inability to have a healthy relationship, but blame only took away my power to change.  And I wanted change.  Not just a quick fix that didn’t stick or temporary change that I couldn’t sustain, but actual change, a shift that would manifest in my daily life –a real change.

I was powerless to change my past, yet I knew I had the power to change the beliefs and attitudes I had built out of my past experiences. It is a human instinct to avoid discomfort.  In truth, there is more freedom in accountability than in avoidance.  When I chose to accept responsibility for my current attitudes and habits and how they affected my life, I saw where I could take action to change my behavior.  This wasn’t easy or pretty. I saw parts of myself I didn’t like, behaviors I felt ashamed about.  My education and experience taught me that consciously understanding something and forcing change through sheer willpower didn’t work.  Action and behavior stem from the subconscious mind.  So I knew I needed to do the work there.

hypnosis_quoteUsing hypnosis to work with my subconscious mind allowed me to uncover some belief systems and personal scripts that stood in the way of my ability to actualize my full potential. I had internalized many false beliefs about myself that over the years were reinforced by painful experiences. A simple mistake became proof that I was worthless, not good enough or smart enough.  These belief systems guided my actions in the world.  One belief I had internalized was “if I am all that I can be, I will be attacked or abandoned”.

Well no wonder I held myself back, stayed small and didn’t allow myself to reach my full potential!  Who would want to be attacked or abandoned?  And worse, I also felt that it was my duty to not be too good, successful and accomplished because it might make others feel not good enough in comparison.  I knew all too well what not good enough felt like, and I certainly didn’t want to inflict that on people I loved.  Now, there is a bind!

RebClaireThrough hypnosis I was able to work with my subconscious mind and step into forgiveness. I forgave myself for the beliefs and behaviors I had adopted, and forgave the people I felt harmed me. Letting go of past beliefs and attitudes doesn’t mean I forget, deny or even condone what happened in my upbringing, it means I have released the emotional charge I was holding around it.  It was the charge that kept me plugged into the dynamics that no longer served me.

Using hypnosis, I have been able to reeducate my subconscious mind to create new belief systems that support the life I desire and deserve.  I freed myself from old patterns of self-doubt, low self-worth and harmful habits such as my smoking addiction.

REAL CHANGE is not a quick fix; it is progressive and cumulative. When you decide to do hypnosis, you are investing in yourself.  I am going to help you by giving you the tools for change so that you can have a real return on your investment.