Back on Track

I was feeling a bit ‘off’ after returning from two weeks back east—completely unplugged from business. Re-entry can sometimes feel a bit bumpy.

My private practice is soaring, for which I am grateful! I so enjoy the personal connection. I flourish in that environment. It’s easy, safe and natural for my heart to open when I am one-on-one with another soul.


Unfortunately my confidence in my ability to manage the new launch of Smoke Free Success® stayed on vacation.

It seems only my digital vulnerabilities returned with me to sunny Santa Barbara


So what does one do when they feel off kilter? Have lost faith in their calling? Are tempted to follow Alice down the rabbit hole of doubt?

Go for a walk!

The last two mornings I have taken a long brisk walk with my lovely husband. As we walked we took turns sharing what we are grateful for. Back and forth. One at a time. Until we couldn’t come up with any more content.

Then we moved on to the future. We expressed gratitude for what we most want. And we spoke it in present tense, enlivened with emotion. It felt real. It felt now.

Done! I firmly pressed the reset button and feel deeply steeped in possibility and confidence.

And the Universe communicated its support. Both mornings when I very clearly stated my intention, my expectations and my gratitude a train punctuated my statement with its horn, “And so it is!”

What can you do today to get yourself back on track?

Share your tips below in the comment section, or head on over the Real Change FB page and post what works for you.  Let’s support each other in not letting our temporary vulnerabilities rob others of our gifts!

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