Happy 2016!

New Year’s Eve can be such a charged day, with all of it expectations of ringing in the new year with party, pizzazz and ultimately a kiss! Often times, expectations are premeditated disappointments.

My husband and I created a new tradition back when we were dating, and continue to share it with our lovely daughter today. We spend the evening creating vision boards.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a creative tool used to help clarify your hopes, aspirations and dreams. Visualizing what you want for yourself can help you make it happen.

Our family uses images and words from all of the magazines we’ve received over the year and assemble a collage. We hang our individual collage where we can look at it daily and remind ourselves of what we hope to manifest. It is always amazing to see the year unfold in accordance with the words and images we consciously and subconsciously choose.

One year I found a beautiful picture of Mayan ruins so I slapped it on my board – there was no plan for travel, I just resonated with the image. Well, guess what, that summer my family took a 10 day trip to the Yucatan and visited five Mayan sites!


Here is an image of my 2015 board. Notice the WRITE ON on the side. Well, this year I started my notebook (blog) and newsletters. A big feat for me as writing has historically been an area I didn’t feel ‘good enough’ at. But I am doing it. And that’s what counts.

You’ll notice a pic of a girl at the beach – and yes of course I went to the beach this year. But… my mom decided to treat the entire family to Hawaii. And it was a beautiful opportunity to connect, change perspectives and build memories.

There is a Buddha in the upper right. Just a nice image that spoke to me of spirit, mediation and calm. Turns out it also brought an invitation to a kid’s community meditation that I hadn’t been aware of before. So now my daughter and I attend some Sunday mornings for meditation and lessons on the principles of compassion, love and empathy.

Also, at the bottom it says “my best year yet”. And it has been. Yes, this year had its challenges, but through it I learned a lot, both personally and professionally. It has been a year full of growth, letting go, love, joy and generosity. I was stretched in so many new and different ways. And it was hard, but it feels good. The way a challenging yoga class can leave you feeling a little wiped out, but stronger and more flexible.

So what do you vision for your 2016? I invite you – nay, I encourage you to get creative, let your mind play with possibility, and see what shows up for you.

Please share your intentions in the comment section below. I always enjoy your participation and stories.

Happy 2016! And may it be filled with joy, prosperity and generosity.