How To Tap Your Way To Feeling Calm

EFT Tapping is incredibly valuable.

There are certain meridian points on the body that when tapped on, it has been proven they calm down the amygdalae in the brain. The amygdalae are responsible for memories, emotional responses and decision-making. It is also part of the limbic system which is controls the fight or flight response.

So what can happen in our daily life if we have a thought or a feeling that is painful for us?  When our attention is drawn to that negative experience, it activates the stress response in the amygdalae. We have the memory, we have the emotional response, and that pushes the negative hormones in our body such as cortisol. So we start to see the physiological consequences of our stress response.

Now the stress response isn’t a bad thing. We have an instinct to protect ourselves. The fight or flight response is there for a reason, it keeps us safe. When it’s in balance it’s an asset. When it is out of balance, or inappropriately activated, it becomes a liability. EFT Tapping is one tool we can use to bring that fight or flight response back into balance.

So how do we use it?

As we verbalize our negative experience – whether we talk about physical pain or emotional pain – we simultaneously tap these meridian points. So, as the story wants to activate the stress response, the tapping deescalates the stress response. We are now essentially creating new neural pathways in the brain. We are taking the charge out of the story. That story is no longer creating a negative physiological response in our body. We are bringing our nervous system back into alignment. Amazing, right?

There is an easy way to test this for yourself.

Take a moment to conjure up a specific negative experience, whether it is a physical pain or emotional pain. Go to that place and really focus on that pain, get yourself present with that experience. Then on a scale from 0-10, I want you to rate it. 0 means comfort or the absence of pain, 10 means pain is excruciating and unbearable. Now rate your discomfort.

So lets say you are starting out around an eight. Just acknowledge that and write it down. Now, begin telling your story. Talk honestly about the pain and any feelings you have around it (ie: fear, anger, sadness, judgment, frustration…). And while you are talking, begin tapping.

How do you tap?

Start first with the Karate Chop (KC) point and the set up statement. The KC point is the outside of the palm of your hand (where you would Karate Chop a plank of wood). The set up statement goes something like this, “Even though I have this (insert problem or pain), I still love and accept myself”. Say this three times while tapping the KC firmly.

Then move through three cycles of tapping while continuing to talk about your experience and all that comes with it.

The tapping points are:Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.50.51 AM

  • Inside of eyebrow
  • Outside of eye
  • Under eye
  • Under nose
  • Under lower lip
  • Collarbone point
  • Under arm
  • Top of head

After three cycles of tapping, pause and take a deep breath. Think about your experience again and see where you are on the scale of 0-10.   Notice the improvement. That’s the key. It is so important for all of us to pause and acknowledge our success.

Maybe you went from an 8 down to a 4! Or maybe down to a 2!

Or maybe to a 7 or 71/2. That’s fine. You are moving in the right direction! It is important to pause and acknowledge the success. And then do it again. If you would like to decrease it even more, just pick up where you left off. Start tapping the points and telling the story. Keep taping and telling the story, and then check in with yourself on the scale of 0-10. You will know when you are complete… you feel better.