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My heart is weeping.  Like many of you, I have been deeply saddened by the increase of violence and hatred in the world. From Beirut to Paris to the rise of school shootings… and everything in-between, violence is happening all too frequently these days.

Dr. King_Love

So how do we feel our grief without feeding the hatred, without adding to ...

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Back on Track

I was feeling a bit ‘off’ after returning from two weeks back east—completely unplugged from business. Re-entry can sometimes feel a bit bumpy.

My private practice is soaring, for which I am grateful! I so enjoy the personal connection. I flourish in that environment. It’s easy, safe and natural for my heart to open when I am one-on-one with another soul.


Unfortunately my confidence in ...

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Mother’s Day: History and Hijack

Did you know that before Mother’s Day was hijacked by commercialism, it had a different meaning; a purpose of peace and a sentiment of gratitude?

Julia Ward Howe, an activist, writer and poet (“Battle Hymm of the Republic”) first suggested the idea of an official mother’s day celebration dedicated to peace.  She wrote a passionate appeal to women urging them to rise against war in 1870.

Mother’s Day Proclamation
Arise, then, women of this day! Arise all women ...

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Love: Balancing Lioness and Letting Go

There was a moment last year while picking my daughter up from kindergarten when I witnessed her teacher squat down in front of her, grab her by both shoulders and speak directly into her face. Claire’s head fell in what appeared to be shame, and she walked slumped and withered to her backpack, where she stood still for a moment.

Another mother saw it too. We looked at each other with question.

“I wonder what that’s about?” I said.

I walked over to ...

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A Fine Spring Morning

I woke this morning to a crisp breeze carrying the sent of the pittosporum blossoms and the song of birds in my bedroom window. I felt a flutter of joy in my heart, followed immediately by a remembered sadness.

Spring has always enlivened my soul. Twelve years ago, however, it also brought me my greatest sorrow.

It was a fine spring morning. I was working as a hypnotherapist at a local clinic. To ready myself for the day and to ...

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What Is My Motive?

I was working with a client last night, listening to her share her anger, sadness and disappointment that her sister didn’t support her in a time of need.

My client, we will call her Stacy, had undergone a medical procedure and was experiencing some unpleasant side-effects. She phoned her sister seeking support, as her sister had undergone the same procedure in the past, but her sister offered no support. In fact she shifted the conversation to herself. This only angered Stacy.

“She ...

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How To Tap Your Way To Feeling Calm

EFT Tapping is incredibly valuable.

There are certain meridian points on the body that when tapped on, it has been proven they calm down the amygdalae in the brain. The amygdalae are responsible for memories, emotional responses and decision-making. It is also part of the limbic system which is controls the fight or flight response.

So what can happen in our daily life if we have a thought or a feeling that is painful for us?  When our attention is drawn ...

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Avoiding Emotional Time-Travel

Holidays are a time for families to connect. That can be both wonderful and challenging. I love my family dearly, but concentrated holiday time with them can find me emotionally time-traveling.

What is that you ask?

It’s when suddenly I am not the 44 year-old wife, mother, business-owner, rockin’ autonomous woman I have grown into. Sometimes I shift quickly and unknowingly into little Becky, the youngest of four trying to get noticed, be appreciated, feel accepted.

When I slip into little Becky, I ...

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The Gift of Letting Go

Focus on my needs? But, isn’t that selfish?
No, it’s detaching.

Detachment isn’t abandoning, it is a form of letting go. It can be letting go of the old roles or expectations; it can be letting go of outcomes -both desired or feared.

It can be scary sometimes to let go of a loved one, especially if we fear for their safety or consequences.

Social consciousness tells us that to love someone is to help them, to do things for them, and by ...

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A Note From Rebekka

When I began my healing journey about 18 years ago, I remember being genuinely afraid that the therapeutic self-examination would confirm my greatest fear:  I was afraid I would discover that in fact I was worthless.  Sad, right?  But it was the truth.  I was afraid I would invest in my self-growth and there would be no return on my investment.  Yet, I went ahead.  Fear has the potential to paralyze, but only for so long.  Something in me continually ...

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