EFT Tapping Single Session


A one-hour EFT tapping session to take charge of your nervous system and feel more in control of your life.

Do you want to experience the benefits of EFT but not sure you’re ready to commit to a series?  Well, not to worry.  Do one session and then decide.  And if you are a first time client, use coupon code FirstTimeEFT to get $100 off.

Sessions are held at my downtown office or via Skype.



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EFT Tapping is a simple and effective practice that consists of tapping on specific meridian points while talking through a traumatic memory, or a physical or emotional problem.

You can learn more here.

Sessions are held in my downtown Santa Barbara office or via Skype by scheduled appointment after purchase.

Client Feedback

“I was recently diagnosed with an incurable, fairly rare disease. Rebekka has given me the tools to work with so when I am feeling anxious, I can change my thought process. I am feeling better sooner than I thought I would. It happens pretty darn quick.”

~Cathy Prentice

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