Holiday Relax Three-Pack

Feeling stressed at the holidays? Bring yourself back into mode of relaxation and self-care with this special holiday three-pack! A $45 value.


Your Sweet Dreams Hypnosis gently guides you into a healthy habit of restful and restorative sleep.

Living Without Anxiety hypnosis teaches you how to be present in personal and professional situations; see yourself as confident, competent, successful and in integrity; priortize yourself so you can better be of service in the world.

Chakra Relaxation is a colorful progressive relaxation livened with affirmative intention. Listen to this audio hypnosis to align your chakras and feel connected and confident.

Each Hypnosis Audio includes two tracks. You’ll receive a hypnosis audio as well as a second music-only audio track to follow your hypnosis for an even deeper experience. Never listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.

“For the past five years i had trouble falling asleep. My high stress and demanding job would fuel my chattering mind, which ruminated over the day’s activities, tasks, and responsibilities. I craved a restorative night’s sleep. Rebekka made a hypnotic meditation CD for me focusing on letting go of the stress, failing asleep easily and gently, and awakening refreshed and rejuvenated. It was amazing! I enjoy great sleep now, without any pills. I highly recommend her work.”

- Jean Reichel, Creative Director of Advertising, Studio City

When I came to see Rebekka I was dating a very abusive person, smoking and not feeling good about life. I needed to learn to take care of myself. Because of our work, I ended that relationship and I feel the joy coming back into my life. Now I am creating artwork again, I am full of energy and best of all, I have stopped smoking!”

-Kristen Walker, Web Developer, Santa Barbara, CA