Quit Smoking Four Session Series

Four one-hour sessions that include hypnosis, EFT tapping and a customized hypnosis audio recording to help you become a non-smoker and live a smoke-free life.

Sessions are held remotely via phone or Zoom.


My experience working with smokers, coupled with research from Stanford, University of Iowa, and University of Washington show that hypnosis is three times more effective than the patch, 15 times more effective than willpower, and has a 91% success rate! You can become a non-smoker in just four sessions!

This Quit Smoking Series includes four one-hour sessions with me, where we'll use a combination of hypnosis and EFT tapping therapy to help you become a non-smoker and live a smoke-free life.

Appointments are scheduled for 55 minutes. I successfully meet with my clients remotely, and digital recordings of your hypnosis will be emailed.

Client Feedback

"Working with Rebekka to quit smoking was one of the best investments I ever made. A pack a day smoker for over 10 years, I was feeling lethargic, spending too much on cigarettes and unable to quit on my own. Hypnosis worked! 13 years later I am still smoke-free."

-Kristen W., Santa Barbara, CA

"I quit smoking after three sessions with Rebekka. I was not a heavy smoker and had quit a few times prior, but now was ready to quit for good! After my treatments with Rebekka, I no longer had any urges! It's been over six years."

- Lisa M., Santa Barbara, CA