I’ve been successfully working with clients over FaceTime and Skype for almost ten years. If you’re interested in hypnotherapy or EFT sessions and either don’t live in Santa Barbara or find in-person sessions inconvenient, all my series are available over FaceTime or Skype.


“Rebekka has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I have ever encountered. She is an outstanding listener, who can calmly make anything you are feeling seem valid, but also point out areas that need work and change. She has helped me to grow into a stronger, more self-empowered individual. She is very good at helping you realize what is able to be changed in a situation, and then through life coaching, meditation, and focused hypnosis, empowering you to change it.

Recently, after a move to another state, Rebekka and I have started doing our sessions on Skype. It has been an amazing way for us to reconnect. It’s just like being right there in the office with her! We can share much more intimately because she can see my physical reactions to things instead of just hearing it in my tone over the phone. Not to mention, I don’t have to use any minutes! Sessions with Rebekka, whether over the phone, in the office or through Skype, are one of the best things I could have done for myself and truly enhance my life and help me to live to my fullest potential.”

Cheryl Copeland, Austin, TX


* I am invested in your security and privacy, therefore due to a recent report I am primarily using FaceTime.

“Skype bug could allow hackers full control of PC, but Microsoft isn’t fixing it” Report