Spread the Love

My heart is weeping.  Like many of you, I have been deeply saddened by the increase of violence and hatred in the world. From Beirut to Paris to the rise of school shootings… and everything in-between, violence is happening all too frequently these days.

Dr. King_Love

So how do we feel our grief without feeding the hatred, without adding to the violence? By feeling and offering love.

I invite you to focus on love. And to help you, for the next week I am giving away my hypnosis meditation download, Cultivating Love and Abundance.  Use coupon code love4all.

Take a few minutes each day to listen, to generate the feeling of love. Because what we put our focus on grows.

In love and peace!


And please share this with others. The more people feeling and expressing love, the more love spreads. In an environment where we may feel powerless, this is one thing we CAN do.  

Again, that coupon code is: love4all.  Enjoy!