“I quit smoking after 3 sessions with Rebekka. I was not a heavy smoker and had quit a few times prior, but now was ready to quit for good! After my treatments with Rebekka I no longer had any urges! It’s been over 6 years.”

Lisa M., Santa Barbara, CA

“I highly recommend Rebekka – I have worked with her both in person and over Skype after I moved long distance.  At two different stages of my life, she has helped me get unstuck and make positive changes in my life. I love her approach and perspective – the sessions made me feel lighter and more open to possibilities to effect change.”

Julia T., Carbondale, CO

“Rebekka is able to make clients feel comfortable in potentially vulnerable situations. Her positive attitude and commitment is infectious. Her clients are happy with her work and feel successful in meeting their goals.”

Lisa L., Santa Barbara, CA

“I am writing to you from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Thank you so much for helping me with my fear of flying. The 14 hours of plane rides it took to get here were the smoothest I have ever had. Using the techniques you taught me, I was able to remain relaxed the entire time despite the near constant turbulence.”

Jacquie T., Santa Barbara, CA

“I had two weeks to prepare for an exam to become a licensed real estate agent. I had not studied for 20 years. I was very intimidated. Rebekka’s session for memory and recall helped me stop the negative voices in my head which said I could never do it. I took the test and my memory was perfectly clear. I passed!”

Shemai R., Santa Barbara, CA

“Rebekka has helped me change my mind on traditional medicine. Since seeing her I have experienced HUGE results and can’t imagine not having made the first appointment. She alone has given me far greater results than the medicine my doctors have prescribed to me for anxiety and lack of sleep. She is great at what she does!”

Tony T., Santa Barbara, CA

“I have been able to sleep 6 hours at a time from the Sleep Series…amazing! I actually dream now. Thank you for all you have done for me. You truly make a difference in people’s lives and I so appreciate you!!”

Liz E., Santa Barbara

“I was anxious and fearful about an upcoming surgery and was willing to try something new. Through my work with Rebekka, I discovered a renewed faith in my doctors and my own healing properties. I went into the surgery calm, confident and serene. As a result I healed comfortably and rapidly.”

Margaret N., Goleta, CA

“I went to see Rebekka at her office for my anxiety. After her anxiety release series sessions, I can unquestionably notice a difference in my life. My anxiety no longer controls me. My life has more clarity and ease. The tools I’ve learned can be used for a lifetime. Thank you Rebekka!”

Madison T., Summerland, CA

“For years I struggled with an extremely irrational fear of throwing up. It got so severe that when flu season hit, I was constantly paralyzed with anxiety. When my dad suggested hypnotherapy, I was very skeptical that it would work. From the beginning, Rebekka was incredibly warm and understanding. She made me feel like I could open up and that I was in a safe space. By my third sessions with Rebekka, I found the root of my fear. I left that session feeling like a new individual and had a better understanding of who I was and the world around me. Rebekka changed my life and for that I am forever grateful!”

Ali S., Manhattan, NY

“I highly recommend Rebekka to anyone looking to improve their thought life and gain tools to overcome negative thinking and poor self care. She is thoughtful, relatable, and more than compassionate. She also comes with a little tough love that helps move you through complacency. Whether I am being given counsel, being guided through meditation, or listening to hypnosis I know I am always growing and learning and steadily getting better! If you want to make any changes, give her a call!”

Cheryl C., Austin, TX

“I had horrible anxiety and was scared to drive, get on planes and etc… with hypnosis and EFT tapping I am feeling back to myself. I recently went through a second c-section and weeks before my due date I was feeling like I had PTSD from the first c-section. There was no way I was walking in that hospital again, but my baby had to come out! So I did a series of 4 hypnosis with Rebekka just weeks before my 1.25.18 due date and it worked!!! I can not believe that I was actually present with the birth of my second daughter I remember the entire process, and even talked with the doctors while they performed the C-section.”

Rachel, H.

“I would recommend Rebekka Putnam to anyone who is serious about dealing with unwanted habits or self-esteem issues. The tools Rebekka offers are useful for a lifetime. Rebekka’s professionalism is impressive, and her results are most impressive. Thanks Rebekka.”

Peter H., Santa Barbara, CA

“I’ve been working with Rebekka for about 3 years now on a consistent basis. Her sessions are perfect for getting your mind & body back in tune with one another in order to achieve all your goals -personally, spiritually, and professionally. I cannot recommend her systems enough!”

Garrett M., Santa Barbara, CA

“Sleep without chemical sleep aids… What a concept! I wholly recommend Rebekka, not only as a great hypnotherapist, but as a fantastic life coach. We worked on several critical issues and I would not be where I am without her empathetic and caring assistance.  Thank you!”

Richard, Santa Barbara, CA

“Rebekka made a hypnotic meditation CD for me when I was in chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. This invaluable tool calmed me and made me heal. It was essential to my recovery to approach my cancer from a holistic view. Rebekka’s CD aided that process and is a large part of why I am cancer-free today.”

Kitty S., Los Angeles, CA

“For the past five years I had trouble falling asleep. My high stress and demanding job would fuel my chattering mind which ruminated over the days activities, tasks and responsibilities. Working with Rebekka I was able to let go of the stress, fall asleep easily and gently, and awaken refreshed and rejuvenated.”

Jean R., Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoyed my hypnosis sessions with Rebekka. As my mind was calmed, I would focus on a creative project I’m involved with, and when I drifted off into ‘the gap’ my subconscious would tell me what to do next.”

Dave S., Los Angeles, CA

“I highly recommend Rebekka for anyone seeking to make a positive change in their life.  I’ve seen her in-person and listen to her hypnosis downloads.  Initially, I came to her to help discover my calling in life. Over the course of our sessions, she has unlocked many blocks for me and has helped turn my negative thought patterns into positive ones.  I am so grateful for Rebekka and the safe, comfortable environment she offers her clients!”

Maureen B., Santa Barbara, CA

“I highly recommend Rebekka Putnam and the work she does.  The first session alone was well worth the price, even if I hadn’t signed up for three more sessions.  Having had time to process what has happened in my life since then, I find out the issues that had been plaguing me for a lifetime have been greatly reduced, some seemingly gone for good.  The follow up before the following sessions was extremely helpful.  The practice I have done with the new tools given me have allowed me even greater freedom to explore new areas in my life.  And just the release of pressures from old problems….what a blessing!  Lots of new energy to do more things than I ever thought possible.”

Barton H., Goleta, CA

“I went to Rebekka to get help with my anxiety. Within the first few months, I noticed positive changes in the way I was thinking. Her methods helped me internalize concepts that I had a hard time fully embracing before, and I have less anxiety overall. She records the sessions, and gives you hypnosis tapes that you can listen to on your own. I’ve found them to be helpful for falling asleep. I think anyone looking to get their life together, break bad habits, or overcome anxiety would benefit from seeing her.”

Jordon B., Santa Barbara, CA

“I would highly recommend Rebekka Putnam if you are seeking to benefit your life in any way. I had many issues that ranged from smoking to people pleasing, and she addressed every single one in detail, and helped me on my journey to becoming a stronger woman. I am no longer a smoker or people pleaser! 🙂

I’ve seen her during many different stages of my life, and refer to her as my guardian angel. She always made me feel very comfortable and at ease, even from our first visit. I was able to trust her and open up immediately, which was amazing considering I had seen numerous therapists before her, and had not felt this way.
Rebekka showed me how to make some beautiful changes in my life, and I will be forever grateful to her! She is truly a wonderful person, and I cannot thank her enough for her care and support.”

Kara H., Bakersfield, CA

“I was lucky enough to connect with Rebekka and her practice last year and have since recommended her to friends and associates who have also hugely benefited from not only her private hypnotherapy and EFT sessions, but also her wide range of online resources.”

Natalie, Santa Barbara, CA


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