Weight Release Ten Session Series

Why weight release instead of weight loss?  Because the mind is programmed to find what it loses. With this program, the weight is released. You will let it go and keep it off.

Ten one-hour sessions that include hypnosis, EFT tapping, coaching, and customized hypnosis audio recordings to help you release your weight, improve your relationship with food and build body confidence.

Sessions are held remotely via phone or Zoom.


My experience working with weight release, coupled with studies at the University of Connecticut show that hypnosis subjects lost more weight than 90% of others and kept it off. Hypnosis can more than double the effects of traditional weight loss approaches.

Most people wanting to lose weight could themselves be nutritionists, often spending numerous hours learning what to eat, when to eat and how to exercise. So how come they aren’t losing the weight?

They are learning in their conscious mind, yet behavior stems from the subconscious mind. That is where the learning needs to occur. Hypnosis gains us access to the subconscious mind.

The thoughts or ideas we hold in our subconscious mind create a physical and emotional response. And, the subconscious mind is not literal like the conscious mind. Therefore weight gain can be the symptom of too much food and not enough exercise, or it can be the weight of stress, the weight of past issues… or it can be W-A-I-T as in procrastination, a symptom of perfectionism.

Through a combination of hypnosis, EFT tapping and coaching, I will help you uncover your subconscious belief systems and reeducate them so you can experience lasting change. You can shed this weight. And it can be easy!

Appointments are scheduled for 55 minutes. I successfully meet with my clients remotely, and digital recordings of your hypnosis will be emailed.

Happy Client Story

Weight Release from Rebekka Putnam on Vimeo.

Client Feedback

"I am having some amazing things happening that I can only attribute to the work we did and the work I continue to do with the CDs and tapping. For one, in the past 2-3 months I have found myself leaving food on the plate without any conscious decision. It just happens! My approach to eating and toward exercise has changed in a way that seems miraculous."

Frann W., Santa Barbara, CA